Friday, January 29, 2010

My Near Future

Aren't books amazing? Less than a year ago, I wouldn't have opened a book unless I wanted to know something so badly that my head would explode if I hadn't, but now I have no choice. Read or fail. Learning through osmosis doesn't work out as well as one may think. Although it was difficult for me to care about the words inside my schoolbooks last semester, I find that I now enjoy reading. It has improved my ability to think logically, remember, write, and verbalize my thoughts. I remember most everything I learned last semester and this semester is much easier because of it. I wouldn't go as far as saying that I would buy books for leisure reading, but at least I want to learn what my professors are trying to teach. Maybe next semester I will evolve into a bookworm?

Lately, my mind has been overwhelmed by my class in philosophy of religions. I thought it would be easy, although I had never been formally introduced to philosophy. Little did I know that this class was going to take up most of my time. It has been a bit difficult fitting the work of all my other four classes around study time for philosophy. I realize now that I need this class, in fact everyone does. It will help me sort out all my conflicting beliefs, ideals, and decisions. By the end of it, I expect the direction of my life to be more focused...and it damn well better be with all the work I'm putting into it!

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