Saturday, January 16, 2010


In spite of the crappy morning I had, I woke up in such a singing mood. I sang and danced all morning as if nothing was wrong with the world. I find that songs, even the ones that have absolutely nothing to do with anything in my life, make me happy. A lot of the time I am attracted to songs whose words I don't listen to. It could could be anytime between a week to several years until I finally decide to pay attention to what they are saying in a song because once you KNOW the intentions behind the words it completely ruins what the song meant to you. Music is what moves me, therefore, I find that listening to the words is not as important as identifying yourself with a melody so moving to your soul you can't help to rock in your seat. Isn't music simply addicting? It's as if by sounds and vibrations you are connected to another realm in which the only form of communicating is by swaying to the ways that it moves you. Each song engulfs one in a trance that can only be triggered by that specific collaboration of sounds. Every personality's senses are aroused by a different sound, a different beat, a different instrument. Personally, I am fascinated by the sound of the violin-- especially when it is inserted in genres of music that it would typically not be associated with (such as the music of Apocalyptica). I also love the guitar and that weird Asian guitar (sorry I don't know the name). What I don't understand is why people find so much importance in the lives of the creators of songs. Is delving in the who, what, when, where, and why of an artist truly so important? Wouldn't one be missing out on a lot of good songs if the person is what they are putting on a pedestal? It's the melodically infused message that should matter--NOT the label.

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